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Arrest Pac

  Product Overview

The ResQStrap™ Headstrap has been designed to help ResQPOD users obtain and maintain a tight facemask seal throughout resuscitation using a facemask.

Features and Benefits:
  • Easy to apply quickly
  • Easy to remove quickly if patient vomits
  • Adjustable
  • Latex free
  • Single patient use


Instructions for Use:

The ResQStrap™ is an adjustable headstrap designed to provide ResQPOD® Circulatory Enhancer users with a hands-free option for using the ResQPOD Circulatory Enhancer with a facemask.

  1. Place the headstrap’s mask connector over the facemask port.
  2. Attach the ResQPOD Circulatory Enhancer to the facemask port.
  3. Slip the adjustable headstrap over the head and tighten, using the adjustable loop and hook fasteners, so that the facemask is tightly sealed and secure.
  4. Attach a ventilation assist device, if needed, such as a bag-valve resuscitator, to the top ventilation port of the ResQPOD Circulatory Enhancer.
  5. Use the ResQPOD Circulatory Enhancer as directed.

Demo Kit

The generally cleared indication for the ResQPOD is a temporary increase in blood circulation during emergency care, hospital, clinic and home use. Research is ongoing in the United States to evaluate the long-term benefit of the ResQPOD for indications related to patients suffering from cardiac arrest.
For more information on completed clinical studies click here. The references on this website are not intended to imply specific outcome-based claims not yet cleared by the US Food and Drug Administration.

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