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  Product Overview

ResQPOD Impedance Threshold Device

The ResQPOD is an impedance threshold device (ITD) that provides Perfusion on Demand (POD) by regulating pressures in the thorax during states of hypotension.

Animal and clinical studies* have shown that during CPR, the ResQPOD:

  • Doubles blood flow to the heart
  • Increases blood flow to the brain by 50%
  • Doubles systolic blood pressure
  • Increases survival rates
  • Increases the likelihood of successful defibrillation
  • Provides benefit in all arrest rhythms
  • Circulates drugs more effectively

The ResQPOD is easy to use. It provides a unique way to increase circulation during CPR by refilling the heart after each chest compression. In addition, timing assist lights on the ResQPOD provide guidance on the proper compression and ventilation rates.

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ResQPOD Features

How It Works

The ResQPOD prevents unnecessary air from entering the chest during CPR. As the chest wall recoils, the vacuum (negative pressure) in the thorax is greater. This enhanced vacuum pulls more blood back to the heart, doubling blood flow during CPR. Studies have shown that this mechanism increases cardiac output, blood pressure and survival rates. Patient ventilation and exhalation are not restricted in any way.

How to Use the ResQPOD

On a Facemask

  1. Connect the ResQPOD to the facemask.
  2. Open the airway. Establish and maintain
    a tight face seal with the mask
    (watch video) throughout chest compressions; a head strap or 2-handed technique is recommended.
  3. Connect the ventilation source to the ResQPOD, or mouthpiece if performing
    mouth-to-mask ventilation.
  4. Perform CPR at the recommended compression-toventilation ratio (30:2).

On an ET Tube

  1. Confirm ET tube placement and secure it
    with a commercial tube restraint.

  2. Connect the ResQPOD to the ET tube.

  3. Connect the ventilation source to the ResQPOD.

  4. Perform continuous chest compressions (100/min).

  5. Remove the clear tab and turn on the timing assist lights. Ventilate asynchronously at the timing light flash rate of 10/min.

  6. Administer ET meds directly into the ET tube.

  7. Place ETCO2 detector between the ResQPOD and the ventilation source.



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Demo Kit

The generally cleared indication for the ResQPOD is a temporary increase in blood circulation during emergency care, hospital, clinic and home use. Research is ongoing in the United States to evaluate the long-term benefit of the ResQPOD for indications related to patients suffering from cardiac arrest.
For more information on completed clinical studies click here. The references on this website are not intended to imply specific outcome-based claims not yet cleared by the US Food and Drug Administration.

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